Proton Jetton (hereinafter PJ)  is an advanced token (altcoin) launched in January 2024 on the fastest and most advanced blockchain in the world called TON (The Open Network), which since the end of 2023 is an official partner of Telegram with over a billion users!

$PROTON is the lifeblood of our ecosystem, Proton can be easily and profitable exchanged for products or human attention and activity. Our ambitious goal to bring useful innovation and unbelievable experiences to the established world of digital web3 advertising for everyone.
The idea of a comprehensive approach began to emerge in the summer of 2017, when I launched my first successful advertising start-up on the new (at that time) technology API Telegram-bots. A year later, we with the team thanks to a competent advertising campaign and systematic content release will be able to reach the mark of almost 200.000 users, which was without exaggeration a record!

We continued to develop new complementary products under the "Bro" prefix (the bot’s name was BroBot), intending to create our own BroChain ecosystem of cool services like BroLink -which helped us shorten links, add UTM tags, and analyze traffic right inside the Telegram bot.

In 2018, I registered as an entrepreneur (OKVED 74.40 - Advertising activity) and legalized the company’s activity by formalizing everything legally, got the status of a sole proprietor, connected Internet acquiring and released a popular educational course "Telegram Master", fully dedicated to Telegram functionality, content-making and effective advertising. The course is still available on YouTube.

Back in 2017, I saw the prospect of launching GRAM cryptocurrency, and I was already preparing a line of advertising products with my team. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, Telegram’s purge of scammers intervened and we were caught in the middle of the whole mess, along with massive complaints from our competitors, who were clearly hindered by us taking a significant bite out of the market…

Even though I was over-insured and made an offer agreement and officially registered as a sole proprietor, the self-rule of the moderator valanter from Telegram led to a force majeure in 2019, we will lose the steadily growing ad business, products, and audience we have been building all this time…

At that moment I thought it was over, but it was an incredible first experience that allowed our team to turn a $ 3000 $ investment into $ 140,000 $ in sales of our services.

I realized that I like to create cool and demanded digital and media products, solving people’s pain and problems in a new market, which was opened to me by my favorite messenger Telegram! In a word -fantastic!
Users of our ecosystem will receive exclusive advertising offers exclusively for their interests (if they wish) and will be rewarded for their attention and activity by joining a new generation of international consumer societies.

At the initial stage, we will offer users media content and several sections to help them get acquainted withTON, its heroes, applications, and more. Gradually, activities and mechanics without investment will be added, which will allow users to farm like never and nowhere before. More information you find out from our White Papper

It will take some time and a verified user base to get the data advantage.
One of our goals is to become a large infrastructure project in the TON ecosystem, which will systematically attract more and more users to the ecosystem.

In order to make sales we motivate advertising agents with generous commissions from our advanced affiliate program and author's multi-business development, which allows to build affiliate networks in parallel in a multitude of projects filtered by DAO-voting, recreating the hierarchy and structure again and getting profit.

For more information about the role and its possibilities, see White Papper.
A B2B project with which we partner goes through several stages of filtering and if it meets all the requirements of our community, the countdown timer to listing on the platform is started.

Listing on the Trends Showcase is instant access not only to a verified, solvent audience that can buy a product here and now, but also to a network of advertising agents who are financially motivated to promote this or that product from the Showcase and make a profit.

Our advertising agents are qualified specialists with knowledge, skills and all the necessary tools to promote the product, which repeatedly strengthens its promotion on the foreign market.
This is a crypto unicorn that is in early stage. Those who were looking for speculation and fast iks - have already been able to catch them at the start, from 5x to 25x in momentum. An amazing feature -all first-time buyers on Fairlaunch received an average of +700% of the purchase price.

Whether there will be more jumps or we will come to smooth growth as monetization starts we'll see. We don’t make loud promises, and we also don’t hold anyone back. We share with you only the facts. DYOR.
TON is the fastest, cheapest, and most scalable blockchain in the world, and has entered the Guinness Book of World Records. Strong teams in the form of Ton Foundation and TOP LABS have performed well in terms of product development and roadmap implementation.

Telegram is probably the best messenger in the world, with a user base approaching 1,000,000,000,000,000 users, which makes TON especially valuable, since no other blockchain in the world has access to such a large number of people.

Web3 is a new fast-growing trend that guarantees honesty, no human error, and complete transparency. In a world where your bank account can be seized and you can be deprived of all your savings, this is of growing interest.
Proton Jetton is a whole world with a multitude of diverse, complementary products with a development plan for the next few years. We are not one of those teams that speculate, manipulate prices, and promise gold and then disappear with your money.

We conduct our activities transparently and publicly, which is a certain indicator of our openness to criticism and your suggestions. Most of the projects that start atTON are anonymous, as they have a certain intention from the beginning.

This project (early version) has been defended with distinction at the International University of Innopolis, which distinguishes us from pseudo-projects and testifies to the prospectivity and life ability of this product. You can read the expert review at the following link: (link to follow later)
At the current stage we are working on legalization issues, probably the legal address will be placed in the jurisdiction of a special economic zone in Georgia.

Nevertheless, at the current stage registration is not required and 99% of projects work without it, guaranteeing you nothing. The remaining 1%, as a rule, prescribes such conditions in the public offer, so that you don't go to court or can’t win it. Any company seeks to protect itself, so it is a mistake to think that legalization and documents on the site, something for you guarantee.

A fake registration in an offshore company can be done for a couple of hundred dollars and a few days, but what is the point? We are building our product for the long term, so we approach the process more thoroughly and fundamentally, acting on the basis of the challenges that companies face.

As soon as we need legalization (for example, when partnering with a foundation), we will do it, but for now we are in a standard field like most projects.
Yes, there will be such an opportunity, but it should be understood that we are not interested in pointlessly giving money to everyone.

Our audience is verified with the help of TON CONNECT, as well as activity and $KARMA social rating level, which you can get by participating in the daily activities of the ecosystem in the PRO: ACTIVE section.

You will also find a selection of applications and offers that allow you to earn income without investments. Follow the announcements.
I’ll tell you more, it sometimes falls! In all seriousness, we have passed the stage of start-up and stormy growth, and now we have reached a plateau, gradually refining our product to start monetizing it.

Like any business, we are subject to certain risks related to the human factor. Unfortunately or fortunately, after the launch we had to go through two crises, which delayed our plans for monetization and caused financial losses from our investments, but made us stronger and allowed us to find an unbreakable team with which we overcome all difficulties.

We can say that as of May 2024 we have found a "stable bottom" below which the rate will not go down, and for the first time holders are buying back coins believing in our project and our team. I think this is a great opportunity to become a part of the project at an attractive price. This is not a financial recommendation. DYOR.
First, browse our protonjetton website and evaluate the quality of workmanship, detail and design of this product, in comparison with other TON tokens. Make your own research and relevant conclusions.

Unlike many others, we have shown that we are capable of making high quality projects and we do not chase after quick money, we make a product that is trustworthy and long term.

An open team, a clear product, a growing market and such trends as web, Telegram, TON + digital advertising market this is GEM, but the fruit here will be received first of all by those who look at the medium and long-term perspective, and don't want quick money here and now, although this is quite possible.

Our goal is to build an informed community that is willing to build long, hard, and together. According to your faith you will be repaid ©
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