Stage 1 "Creation"
This is the meme tag behind which is an original creative character. MR PROTON  is a big fan of Telegram and TON, who since 2021 has started keeping his own media chronicles and creating a multifaceted world on his Telegram channel.
The token is designed to scale the project and   promote The Open Network ecosystem to the masses. The token does not exclude speculation, drops, and growth. Just the way you like it!
Full Title:
7.777.777 PROTON
2.2% (171,111.09 PROTON) was spent to build the initial core of the community, identify talent and encourage them for activity in the framework of a point and effective AirDrop campaign, before the Fair Launch
Release Date:
November 18, 2023 ~09:00PM MSC
Stage 2 "Public Fair Launch"
Fair launch   - launch of the project with community funds in exchange for  tokens, without the participation of external investors and funds. The price for the asset is formed from the sum of all purchases by all participants of the luncheon and will be distributed in accordance with the sum of invested funds in relation to other participants according to the final price, which is formed at the end of the fees.
This way everyone buys tokens at a single, fairly formed public price.
Relinquishment of ownership of the Jetonn contract made prior to Fair Launch
Key indicators
Adress sale
Issuance available for purchase at Fair Launch
4 000 000 PROTON
Total number of customers
364 wallet
Amount of fees
9 931.47 TON
Date of commencement of public sales
2024.01.24 17:24 (UTC)
Public sales closing date
2024.31.24 17:24 (UTC)
The Jetsons' branding took place
2024.01.31 в 18:00 (UTC)
Final price:
1 $PROTON = 0.002482868 TON
PROTON JETTON tokenomics
fairlaunch (51.4%)
DEXs listing (27.8%)
Promotion (18.6%)
Airdrop (2.2%)
Token distribution
Ton Raffles Platform Commission
Referral fees
Received in a TON on a public wallet:
EQA_Su6k4waC0qV_jgDTfKkX u8OUUUAlTbt4v4iZt2arSc_y
Received in a TON on a public wallet:
The funds raised in TON were used for listing on the popular and verified Telegram CEX Exchange xRocket (~3000 USDT), as well as expenses for the team and creation of the first products of the Proton Jetton ecosystem
Actual top holdings
The peak price as early as February 5 February was 0.9,210 per 1 $PROTON, which at the moment gave more than 25x or 2500%. Experienced traders using volatility, swings and orders could claim 40x or 4000% in the first week!
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Liquidity lock on DEX - 12 months
60% of the amount of fees (2,160,000 PROTON) was allocated to liquidity on the largest on TON by DEX Ston trading volume. fi with blocked lexibility for 12 months. We received the WhiteList and were included in the general list of jetons.
Lock emission for dynamic team and ecosystem development
18.6% of total issuance (1,448,489 PROTON) is locked for 20 months on the Ton Raffles platform smart contract, with monthly unlocking every 1st day at ~0.9% of total issuance (72,424.45 PROTON)
Stage 3 "Project Initiation"
Already in week 1 of the launch, we received listings/waitlists on key DEX exchanges and, as well as verified Telegram CEX @xRocket
We hope that it has become clearer and more obvious to you that our team came toTON thoroughly and for a long time, having ruled out the possibility of manipulation and "unfair play" at the start-up stage
We choose a strategy of fair launch and the community itself determined a fair price for PROTON JETTON, which increased on the wallets of the first holders in average in ten times!
Even in moments of maximum drawdowns, the first participants still have profits of around 500%
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