White Papper
Greetings dear reader. On behalf of our team, I would like to thank you for your interest in the Proton Jetton ecosystem.

Our goal is to introduce you to our vision for the future of the next generation of advertising and consumer cooperatives. In this dynamically changing world, we are creating our own unique island of prosperity available to everyone!

Our team loves Telegram andTON with all its heart, using the most advanced technologies to create breakthrough solutions in the field of attracting and retaining attention and activity. We are convinced that data and attention are the new oil.

For ease of perception and completeness of the picture, at the bottom of this document you will find my diploma work on Product-Manager profession, which I defended in the International University of Innopolis with distinction. In this way, you will be able to look at Proton Jetton from a numbers, metrics, and product-monitoring perspective.

Enjoy the incredible world of Proton Jetton's new ecosystem, which is redefining the market for digital advertising and digital communities, which is growing year after year!
MR PROTON (Oleg V. Kolchakov, 21.08.1988) was lucky to be born in the time of the first ZX-Spectrum computers and from childhood to start a fascinating acquaintance with the digital world, the first operating systems, a weighty collection of thematic magazines and books, well and games of course. I was one of those teenagers who listened to the U.S. Robotics 56k modem beeping frantically trying to establish a connection over the phone line.

My attraction to computer technology and creativity led me into the world of sound engineering and studio work. More than 7 years and 1500 media projects, including advertising jingles, acoustic design, radio programs in recordings, podcasts, voiceovers, songs, covers, songs for order, podcasts and much more.

In 2012, I received a grant from the governor at the "You Entrepreneur" contest among more than 1300 contestants, which was a powerful impetus for me, I believed myself and gained precious experience of traditional classical business in the service sector.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, it was extremely difficult to scale such a creative business in the region at that time, and I gradually came to the idea that progress and technology had already reached the level where I could start earning income remotely, sitting at a computer.

In search of a decent solution I tried more than 10 variants, but time after time I encountered fraud, misleading, losing everything. Losing money, losing my reputation, and forever running around in a vicious circle in search of the best solution took about 5 years of my life.

Starting in 2012, I began to shift my attention and interest to digital advertising, PR, and marketing. I mastered several engines like Wordpress, joomla, Tigerrr, learned how to SEO optimize content and get leading positions in Google and Yandex search results. The world of advertising was blossoming before my eyes, and the tools for analyzing user behavior gave me the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of progress, and I used it as best I could.

In order to attract clients and partners to me, I learned copywriting, creating articles, video tutorials, and like any self-respecting lazy person, I wanted to reduce my presence in solving business issues to a minimum.

In 2015, I began building my first automation, lead generation, and training systems. My approach at that time stood out for its novelty, systematic nature, and automation of business processes, which distinguished me from others and had a positive impact on the flow of clients and closed deals.

I made conclusions and gained experience by improving logic and refining all processes. By its nature, Proton Jetton is a product created on the basis of pain lived through personal experience and the experience of my partners with whom we have built referral networks, trying to do it more and more effectively.

Proton Jetton has many pleasant surprises to create a unique, colorful show and give people bread (income) and entertainment (show) in a seamless ecosystem of complementary products.

If you open the stats of the main broadcast channel @mrprotonshow, you ll notice growth from 0 to ~40,000 subscribers without a single ad buy to promote the channel. Organic growth and systematic release of show content, in different formats betting on quality and creative this is my approach. The quantity and quality of content is up to you to judge!

It’s not for nothing that the word show appears in the name of the @mrprotonshow channel, because our plans include performance marketing, creating newsworthy events, (scandals/intrigues/investigations) and generating viral content.

I try to motivate people and show by example how to create cool content, which is respected by the top streamers from the big league, and that means behind Proton Jetton is really talented and self-made creativity and creativity.

I have a surprise for you that might turn your vision around and look at the game of attracting and holding attention in a new way.

Insider: Creativity = Advertising; Advertising = Creativity.

Think about it, where does one begin and  where does the other end? Aren’t they two facets of the same entity whose goal is to capture your attention and touch the strings of your unique soul?

Targeting was once a revolution in the world of digital advertising, and now we are entering the blue ocean of the crypto-advertising market with secrecy and many benefits for consumers. For detailed figures on market size, growth rates, and other factors see my thesis, they are the most relevant for a fundamental evaluation of a startup in the industry.

Our goal is not just to give you a dry, soulless tool, but to create an ever-growing community of active people who are committed to encouraging you to get creative with their own next-generation lead generation solutions.

Creativity, songs, music is in some ways magic, using which I have been able to achieve incredible and unexpected results time after time. A good example is из недавнего  - I received ~$ 10 000 $ from a well-known streamer MELLSTROY with an online audience of 30.000 users, where I was praised for the track in the live broadcast (the recording can be found on the channel).

Half of the amount went to developing the start-up, part to paying off our coin and pumping the course, and part to operating and living the team.

Perhaps it is Proton Jetton that has the honor of being the connecting portal between the worlds of cryptocurrency, innovation and show business. The unconventional combination of a CEO and an unconventional rapper creating a scandalous and viral may make you confused, but this will soon pass, that’s why I wrote White Papper ;).
Introductory data
In my search for a decent digital way of earning money, I invested and lost ~25,000 $, which I, being a naive consumer, sent to various dubious companies on offshore payment systems like Perfect Money, which collapsed one by one like a house of cards… Of course, I managed to earn money, but the market showed itself to be extremely doubtful and unstable during the whole time I was in it.

In 2017 I founded my first advertising start-up in the form of a new-fangled telegram bot called BroBot, which offers an alternative way to recruit subscribers to your channels, which caused a furor and literally for half a year, w of 3000 $ investment, we made a turnover of more than 140. 000 $ on digital advertising product. For a year and a half of work, we have perfected the product and marketing getting a base of 194.000 users. I formalized the business according to the law, according to OKVED, accepted payments from cards and paid taxes and conducted open and public activities.

Nevertheless, products and projects tend to become outdated, competitors do not sleep and offer more and more favorable solutions. In the course of the competitive struggle for the market and the massive cleanup of fraudsters, a tragic force majeure (arbitrariness!) on the part of Telegram volunteers and our flagship product gets a SCAM mark… (Wtf?!) Our arguments in the form of official registration and compliance with all the rules do not lead to anything. All plans have collapsed, and it would seem that everything… All aspirations, hopes and dreams, all developments and precious user base have vanished into oblivion…

But in front of you is the same start-up from 2017, but with a different name. I as a person passionate about my idea all this time I made many iterations and experiments for 7 years. During all these years I have been improving the product and the ecosystem logic, balancing different elements and simplifying processes related to attracting and keeping attention, quality advertising and new generation lead generation available to everyone right out of the box.

Our global vision for the future of advertising encompasses the interests of all users in the ecosystem, which are categorized into the five main roles described below. In fact, we have found a way to bring together a huge number of people based on their interests and preferences, seamlessly maneuvering between roles.

Proton Jetton is an infrastructural web3 project that gives its users special features, functions and privileges. In the first version of the White Paper, I am focusing on what will be the basis of the MVP ecosystem as a full-fledged independent product with constantly growing monetization. In order to achieve my goals, I consciously focused on two roles relevant at the first stage of the project’s development.

*The document will be updated as needed
Customer (User)
By uniting users within the ecosystem, we verify them by different characteristics, creating an international consumer society of a new format, using such fast-growing trends as Telegram, TON, dApps, Web3 Ads, Gaming, Affiliate Program.

Through years of trial and error, we have realized an innovative business model that unites Clients, Advertisers, Agents, Entrepreneurs and Investors in a single ecosystem with benefits and interest for everyone. It sounds incredible, but don’t jump to conclusions until you finish reading this document.

Let’s try to recreate in our heads the image of a typical couch potato. Let’s say it is a man of 35 years old who after a long shift in the office in the evening on the sofa with a bottle of mojito or something stronger watches another episode of his favorite TV series trying to relieve stress and take a break from vanity.

What that moment of man's union with the sofa can break everything? Knock, knock! Commercial break! What have we got here? Offer a grown man diapers and tampons that he obviously doesn’t need. Waste of time, irritation, and the consequence of switching to another channel?!

What if you start getting rewards for each viewing for your attention and activity? What if the ads were purely useful and based on your chosen interests and the essence of your digital avatar (ID), which you can upgrade, thereby increasing the level of privileges in the ecosystem.

A good example for comparison is discount cards with different levels of discounts such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, which change from one to another after you reach a certain amount of purchases or fulfill other conditions.

We have developed a loyalty program in which you will progress through exciting game mechanics, community interaction and ecosystem products. The cherry on the cake is the $PROTON cryptocurrency rewards (cashback) that you will start receiving every time you spend your attention on browsing and interacting with ads personalized for you within the ecosystem.

Where does the money come from to reward viewers for attention? Is it a pyramid scheme that will collapse sooner or later? No!

In the new advertising paradigm, the viewer participates for the first time in the allocation of the advertising budget that the advertiser spends on customer acquisition and various types of advertising on an ongoing basis. Our main difference is that we don't pay 100% to the advertising platform, but rather split it into two parts, where ~80% is the traditional advertising budget, and ~20% we give to the viewer in the form of various rewards for their attention, Engagement and interaction with new types of interactive advertising, whereby the viewer benefits from the game process and makes a purchase on exclusive terms.
7 benefits of Proton Jetton's new advertising paradigm
Instead of annoyance, the user experiences a positive experience, reinforced by gamification and rewards by receiving ads based solely on interests
Quality viewer attention retention with flexible customization of each of the stages of the multilevel smart funnel from Proton Jetton
The opportunity to accumulate a promising cryptocurrency with great potential for growth with absolutely no risk, doing everything the same as before.
The ability to exchange $PROTON for products and services of the ecosystem, trade, invest, etc.; which involves the individual in the ecosystem
An environment of like-minded people connected by a new advertising concept, ecosystem products and Proton Jetton cryptocurrency.
Access to new types of smart multi-factor advertising based on AI
Who knows, maybe your attention and activity are worth more than you could expect and by changing your previous digital 2.0 solution to a crypto 3.0 solution you can cover some of your daily expenses without losing anything.

Don’t like ads even in this form? Then turn it off and use the clear version without any ads.
By uniting the masses of potential customers into an international consumer community, we are able to negotiate exclusive terms, promo codes, prices and so on… Allowing you to save money like never before!
KARMA multi-factor verification system
Proton Jetton focuses on high-quality and loyal users, identifying them with the advanced TON CONNECT authorization protocol, which is secure and user-friendly.

When a user connects via TON CONNECT, the ecosystem in turn receives data about the wallet, its assets and transaction history, based on which we can distinguish a human from a bot, as well as authorize access to private zones based on the number of tokens (PRO: HOLDERS from 7777 PROTON) or by NFT (PRO:CLUB)

We have created a social rating system called KARMA that helps to determine a user’s value and integrity to the ecosystem and allows you to easily distinguish a bot/fake with a low rating from an involved old-timer with a high rating.

KARMA allows you to increase your rewards for various activities in the PRO: ACTIVE section, where KARMA plays the role of a multiplier that increases rewards for activities, such as posting promotional posts in social networks aboutProton Jetton.

For those who want more karma and rewards there are special online team events -Gangs, in which we use the power of the masses to attract the attention of opinion leaders, experts, bloggers and other interesting personalities toProton Jetton.

KARMA is also an internal bonus currency, for which you can upgrade your digital avatar by exchanging KARMA for various upgrades and voting in theDAO. Sometimes you can pay for part of the cost of products with KARMA and get a discount, and in some cases you can even get full access to private channels, game mechanics, paid video tutorials, special events, etc.
How to get KARMA?
KARMA mining is based on the daily tossing of a game dice inside Telegram, which guarantees randomness in a range of values from 1 to 6, which can be tossed once per day.

However, if the user does not return to the bot for a long period of time (168 hours/week), then KARMA starts to burn out in advance notifying the user of possible losses, which will induce the user to return to the ecosystem and make a decisive click.

You can avoid burning KARMA if you are inactive for more than 168 hours and start getting KARMA daily even without rolling the die, For this purpose you can buy NFT PROTONICH (777 NFT) which will bring you from 1 to 6 KARMA daily, depending on the NFT frequency, which is assigned randomly at the moment of its connection in our bot @proconnect_robot.

How do we plan to build a multi-million dollar community and rally people around our ecosystem, rationally utilizing limited financial, and human resources?
Advertising Agent / Blogger
(Self-employed / Freelancer)
Proton Jetton is the first advertising ecosystem in the world, carrying in itself the author's development of “Multi-business” based on many years of practical experience in the market, where I was an ordinary advertising agent, and which will be discussed below.

Our Freemium model allows anyone to try on the role of an advertising agent for 14 days of free access, creating their first advertising campaign, during which you can earn your first revenue and withdraw it or spend it on purchases within the ecosystem.
"Please clearly follow the step-by-step plan in the starting block, performing all tasks exactly as described, without omitting or modifying anything from yourself. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and torture yourself to find a solution when it is right in front of your eyes and prepared by experts who have already successfully traveled this path efficiently. Whether you have an AK-47 in your hands, shoot at a target, or shoot yourself in the head is a matter of your head and your hands."
After registering and activating your free 14-day period, all you need to do is explore the trend showcase and choose your favorite product from the available ones. Set a measurable S.M.A.R.T. goal and keep focus on it by clearly following the instructions! By following the right steps for 14 days, you will get the first results and be able to make an informed choice about whether you want to be part of the Proton Jetton digital fraternity.

The role of an "Advertising Agent" in the life of the ecosystem is to expand the audience of users and sell ecosystem products. We provide a unique opportunity to create a digital career, earning income in cryptocurrency without limits and restrictions all over the world thanks to TON, Telegram and Proton Jetton.

Proton Jetton offers an alternative to classic business and franchising, with us you can run your business from anywhere in the world at any time you like

Our goal is to create tens of thousands of comfortable digital workplaces where you will be offered our proprietary set of solutions, as well as our friendly community of like-minded people of the new generation.

One of the main objectives of any business is to make a profit. How rich a company is is how broad its capabilities and the level of product quality are.
Advertising (HYIP) is the perfect product
A clear demand product that people want to buy right now
Advertising has been familiar to everyone since childhood and not needed explanation
Providing service (delivery) to the consumer worldwide instantly
No costs such as transportation, storage, spoilage, loss, etc.
Ultra-marginal business model with net income ~50% of volume
Huge, fast-growing digital advertising market worldwide
Demand for WEB3 and innovative approaches and solutions
Whoever controls your attention controls the world ©
We will use advanced business logic based on the advanced technologies of TON and Telegram and build our product fundamentally, for decades in the best traditions of Telegram and Telegram. Our team intends to leave a legacy of true freedom, prosperity, and a new place in this vast, unfathomable world.

For some time I called our community a digital dominion (digital state), but I changed the terms so as not to cause unnecessary confusion and disputes in the interpretation of this concept.

I believe that today’s global world has reached the level of technological development when we can begin to create communities of the future by uniting people on a voluntary basis for the sake of common development and good.

Human attention is a particularly valuable resource, perhaps even more precious than time (c) CEO

Proton Jetton - is a unique coin at the crossroads of high technology TON, Telegram, Web3 and endless show with a lot of cool columns that create mass action right here and now.

The mission of our startup is to try to find a new way to interact with this endless information noise, tons of buttons, links, spam, frod… You can’t do without an exorcist!

We combine in our constantly progressing media shop and show on our example that to be creative, to create, to create, to earn, to save and multiply is cool, and c c Proton Jetton is even cooler and comfortable!

Being involved in creativity, business, advertising, I came to the conclusion that everything is one, everything is inseparably connected and intertwined.

I am convinced that the creation of cool advertising is a creative process and here is a huge space for creativity and self-realization. An advertising agent is a hard worker and an honorable citizen of our dominion, who cares that everything is good in his house, and if he performs his functions and helps the community receives generous rewards. Win2Win!

In order for us to be able to speak with you in the same language, we are creating a whole social platform where people can learn advertising, apply their knowledge in practice, receive, analyze and improve the results while making a profit.

One of the innovations that distinguishes us from the primitive market of HYIPs and pyramids, where an advertising agent usually at the moment of project closure (scam): loses his entire client network, loses business partners, loses income, loses reputation and has to start all over again. Damn it! It doesn't work anymore.

We are changing the industry of affiliate programs with new solutions that will allow you to build a unified client base and never lose it. On the contrary, we will protect it and motivate it to take targeted actions that are beneficial to you, such as registering for a new project on the Trends Showcase using your referral link.

Thanks to DAO principles we will gradually start to choose projects together with our community voting $PROTON and $KARMA. Our community will choose where and in what to participate, receiving for each of the products a full-fledged smart funnel-guide with your integrated link. Advertising, engagement, retention, familiarization, purchases, attracting new users! Again and foundation! Cycle after cycle!

We simplify the process of lead generation to absolute simplicity. All you required is to attract targeted traffic to targeted products. Our AAI analyzes each new user, will make a digital account card, which you can view (if the user allows!) and see the history of your referral, where he is, what he is studying, what he is studying, on which of the springs came, on what step now, how long has been in the ecosystem.

Gradually, we plan to implement a system of scripts and AI counseling to automatically generate funnels and promote each user to purchase. We have already designed a simple and mobile version of the CRM system with some cool game mechanics that will encourage you to reach new heights and return to the ecosystem again and again fresh.
Welcome to a spacious digital crypto boutique for gourmet innovators!

We create a zone for acceleration, incubation and launching of projects that our close-knit community sees as potential trends! We make cool launches on which we earn with the community together!

Trends Showcase  are carefully selected projects with  as a rule several stages of moderation, analysis and  selection. Each of the products exhibited at the showcase is assigned a responsible curator who moderates and updates the section. We will be collectively responsible for selecting in accordance with DAO. In the early stages, for speed of decision making, we will stick to our team tactics until we reach the right level of decentralization and ecosystem development.
The selection stages for B2B look like this:
Sending an application via bot @proconnect_robot
Verification of information by moderator
Closed voting by PRO:CLUB experts
Public AMA session with representatives of
DAO vote
Creating a funnel for a new product
Starting the product according to the countdown timer
Getting on the trends in the Proton Jetton ecosystem for B2B projects is a great event and a success, as the product immediately acquires a solvent audience of clients, as well as an active base of financially motivated advertising agents who, with the launch of a specially prepared funnel, begin to attract new audience and make sales of the product.

The new multi-referral allows you to customize and insert your referral links to a multitude of projects, so that all your clients and partners (referrals), always and in all projects follow you, recreating a single interconnected hierarchy.
What is the algorithm of the multi-referral system in practice?
You receive a notification that your invitee (e.g. me) has activated a new offer from the Trends Showcase.
If you are interested in the announcement and you want to learn more, you go from the notification to the special WebApp (MiniApp) funnel that leads you step-by-step from the acquaintance, presentation and answering questions to registration and first profit withdrawal.
You enroll (or not) in the submitted project
Copy your referral link in the project
Send your link to our bot @proconnect_robot for integration into a multi-referral system
At the moment you integrate your new referral link, the system will automatically notify all your first line partners (personally invited) that you have activated a new offer on the Trends Showcase, inviting them to visit our guide funnel with your referral link integrated there.
*In this way your client and partner network can recreate in parallel in multiple projects getting to the first item on this list by the advertising campaign you created.
The user goes through all the steps and repeats the cycle. In this way the system loops and scales in depth, recreating a unified hierarchy and structure, generating income again and again!
For the best results, we offer knowledge, chips, templates, and training materials fromPRO: SVET.

If you are an active advertising agent, you probably already have a client network, so at the time of product launch, you just need to familiarize yourself with the offer and accept or reject it. In case of acceptance, copy the referral link of the project and send it to our Telegram-bot in the special settings section and he will start the algorithm described above.

This algorithm allows you to use human greed and potential pain and discomfort from possible lost profits in order to achieve first-class sales at a new height.

By creating a funnel as you remember from the text above, if we have generally selected a new product to launch we take time to create a lead-generating funnel and start the countdown timer to placement on the trends display.

In this way we warm up the audience by showing them mass voting that a huge number of people are involved and approve of the product release, then warming up with excerpts of elements from the funnel, countdown timer and mass purchases.
What will we incentivize mass purchases of new offerings at launch?
Best terms and price at the start
Incentivize mass sales through contests, giveaways, live events, etc.
Failure to promote a new product and not sending the ref. link in a timely manner will likely result in lost profits from first mass purchases
Possible loss of profit from  partner network according to the compensation plan of one or another product
Slippage of partners on referral structure. If you do not insert your ref. link, then the nearest link of a superior advertising agent, who timely took care of the activation of a new offer from the Trends Showcase, will be pulled up.
Proton Jetton is a large-scale infrastructure project that will require time, team effort and investment to produce a product of the right quality with cool, unique functionality. Objectively we are at the very beginning of the journey.

This document outlines the general features, and some details are intentionally withheld for commercial interests.

The result will be a web3 dashboard in which you can quickly and conveniently manage the attention and activity of your referral network, scaling your business globally. Our goal is to create a solid foundation on which to build an ecosystem where the offerings on the storefront may change, but the customer network, revenue and dashboard will always stay with you, guaranteed by TON Web 3's smart technology.
We are creating a new kind of international consumer society in which the broadcasting of advertising is rewarded for the attention and engagement of your advertising.

We introduce a new paradigm and share part of your advertising budget with the consumer, motivating them to take targeted actions with new types of advertising.

The main task in the initial stage is to recruit an audience, this role will be activated and become viable starting from 3,000,000 identified users.
What types of advertising are planned for the future within the ecosystem?
Starter tips
In the channel catalog
Advertising in selections
Recommendations from the ecosystem
Advertising and gaming methods
Advanced Checks
A special channel with giveaways
Streaming integration
Telegram Gives
Promotions aggregator
Activities and tasks
Special invites
Exclusive promo codes
Hot offers
Advertisers will have a simple but functional advertising panel and will be able to carefully filter and find their target audience on our platform. Flexible customization of advertising campaigns, as well as its new types, including rewards for attention and encouraging active interaction.

We will gradually increase the number of assets and expand the possibilities of interaction with the audience by offering the use of effective generative scenarios created by taking into account the analysis of big data of all users of the ecosystem.

As we are currently in the nascent zone of the core (May 25, 2024) of the ecosystem, we will leave ourselves the opportunity to update the White Paper when it is relevant and really needed for enhanced audience understanding.
Business (B2B)
We are creating an area for great launches and integrations where our B2B business partners will get the most out of our ecosystem.

Business partnerships and the possibility of getting into the trending space is negotiated on an individual basis and can include a variety of options, from payment for listing to a share in the project.

We do not cooperate with doubtful projects as a matter of principle, and we always analyze the submitted offers on the web site for the risk of scam. For us reputation and partnership in long term is the main priority.

Cryptoworld is harsh and does not tolerate miscalculations, so we try to protect our users from loss of their funds, but we cannot guarantee it completely due to human factors and the integrity of individuals. DYOR.

With the growth of the audience, we plan to launch our own marketplace with the possibility of opening stores and selling our own digital products and NFT. Priority positions in search and recommendation will be given to stores with high KARMA and in advertising roles.

Thus, we plan to empower advertising agents and use their professional skills to effectively offer a variety of interesting and demanded products to the market on our platform.

We are ready to provide more information for our potential partners in case of personal communication and relevant request.
Proton Jetton is a unique token with its own philosophy and peculiarities. The main peculiarity is that Proton Jetton combines both belonging to high-tech and thoroughly elaborated solutions and content creation + show business being a kind of connecting portal. Have you met something similar on the market? DYOR.

You can find all information for investors and token distribution in the Tokenomics section at the link: https://protonjetton.com/tokenomics
In the development of our ecosystem, we are making a long-term commitment to decentralization and collective decision-making for prosperity.

At the initial stage of development, we design the future business model and logic of our web3 products with the help of web2 solutions to reduce cost and speed up the process. Web3 -it's cool when it’s really Web3 and there's a refusal to own.

The Proton Jetton -is a complex architecture that will be built on the basis of many interconnected smart contracts responsible for the economic component. At the initial stage, without tests on real users, in the field mode, it is almost unrealistic to get to the point and do everything right the first time, so we use web2 solutions to speed up and reduce the cost of development, as well as debugging the balance, optimizing all processes, gradually transferring everything to Web3.

Web3 will give every ecosystem user (holder) who has $PROTON, a certain level of $KARMA, as well as our NFT the right to vote. The strength of the vote will depend primarily on these parameters.

DAO in our understanding is a whole world and a philosophy to which we should strive, but we should do it slowly, thoughtfully, and rationally. This is the way.
About the ecosystem
One of the core values of our community is human capital. We believe that the most important element is people who have experience, knowledge, skills, energy, time, money and other assets. We believe that human capital is much more valuable than money. By coming together, we will be stronger.

A strong community is built on creation and involvement of users in the creative process, interesting shows, games and contests, accumulating more and more crypto-intelligentsia and thinking people from all over the world.

One of our goals is to take one of the leading roles as an independent media in the crypto world, which will broadcast its vision and comment on what is happening in the TON ecosystem and not only…
Forum of new generation which as a magnet attracts to itself creative and creative people by interactive subsections of the forum about which below.
Weekly audio digest of news from crypt of the world, which is released every Monday evening. This entertaining and informative show we make together with professional analyst with rich experience author of the channel @crypto_penetration and my friend Ilya Ilyinsky.

Every week we publish new issues discussing the hottest topics, adding a little spice in the form of humor and satire. We have produced more than 20 episodes in total and have gained experience in the field of news education and our unique style.

We believe that our audio digest will gain hundreds of thousands of listens, charge you with good mood, and contests and prizes inside will bring you additional pleasure from listening!
Lampshaded podcasts with interesting personalities and their stories. Making connections and creating partnerships pushing the boundaries of our ecosystem. Discussing the mass adoption of TON and Telegram around the world!

Interesting, unconventional guests, special atmosphere of deep dialog (but it's not exactly!) + groovy editing. Cut out the excess, leave only the meat!

Collabs and   acceleration, moving forward, development, creation, bravery, valor, wealth and   1001 more cool marketing words. We communicate with soul, as they say it’s better to see once… And possibly to get AirDrop from the latest issue;)
We support creativity and positivity in our community by periodically launching meme contests where everyone can participate and win valuable prizes in $PROTON or NFT ecosystem.

The results of the first contests and reports can be found in the neighboring PRO: CONTEST section.
Here we are planning interactive interaction with the audience and organizing killer live shows in the genres of stand-up, rap battles, freestyles, interactive shows. Unusual stories and heroes are waiting for their time… As the ecosystem develops and more and more active content creators are attracted to the community, the Netflix network will appear and you will enjoy our author’s streaming fromProton Jetton. A new Netflix on Web3? Who knows. We’ll see

Gradually, we plan to develop a subscription model and allow authors to create their own events or private communities within our ecosystem, with admission by NFT, token count, subscription, or other customizable parameters. One of the goals of the ecosystem is to encourage authors to create high-level content and share it with the community, not only to gain respect, but also to make a profit from the streaming of their content.

In the future, when Ton Storage and Web3 technologies reach a certain stage of development, we will be able to offer a new model of "instant" streaming, where accruals for listening/viewing occur almost instantly in the form of micro-transactions in the form of micro-transactions in the Proton for a minute of active listening/viewing of content. There will also be the familiar subscription model.

The old distribution model will gradually be replaced, as content makers in the Proton Jetton ecosystem will start receiving revenue in cryptocurrency instantly, transparently, and authorized to their accounts, depending on the online, cost, and duration of streaming.

Existing streaming models are becoming outdated and no longer fit the spirit of today’s web3 world. The advantages of the new streaming model will create a powerful core that will be chosen by ambitious criers from all over the world!

Nevertheless, we will come back to this question when the technology reaches the right level, but for now, let’s move on!
I believe that shows, creativity and the arts are the key to capturing the hearts of millions of people and accelerating mass adoption of innovation in our fast-paced lives.

We are creating our own unique universe and unique world on the basis of TON, Telegram and Web3.

One of the reasons for the appearance of the Proton Jetton cryptocurrency, was its multiple counterfeiting and speculation by fraudsters on my behalf. I didn't want to give an opportunity to get rich on my dear subscribers and decided to launch the project on the TON Raffles platform in the Fairlauch format at the end of January 2024.
If you want to know more about the founder, his background and the startup journey, check out the movie created a few days before the launch of Proton Jetton at the link:
Do you like freebies? Who doesn’t?

To attract mass traffic and familiarize you with our ecosystem in an unobtrusive game form, we have created a system of self-renewing airdrops!

This section has its own features expressed in timings to systematically engage and hold the attention of the audience. I consider one of the successful comparisons with this section to be the TV channel in the air "Shop on the couch" where you are offered this or that product in an entertaining enough format.

We have gone further and decided to adapt this format to the new realities of rewarding viewers for viewing content of advertising nature and participating in activities that can include a variety of tasks and bonuses that you can get three times every 24 hours!
Each month there will be 100 aidropes in this section:
Level 1 - 90 of which every ~8 hours
Level 2 - 9 live broadcasts each month. Every three days
Level 3 - 1 Grand Airing with super prizes at the end of the month
At the start of this section will be described in more detail the system of levels and the formation of the prize pool, which will be drawn on each of the levels. To participate in the drawings of levels 2 and 3 you will need to have a certain value of $KARMA level on your account and be an authorized member of the ecosystem via @proconnect_robot

Where do the funds for the drops come from? Each week, we auction off 5 NFTs in a bidding process to determine the participants of a unique format PRO:GIVES в котором:
Also in the PRO: DROPS section or on our forum/channel and/or in the chat room, advertising integrations of various formats can be released as the week progresses, which can also fill up the prize pool of givas as needed and increase the reach and interest in the advertising campaign.

We provide a lot of riddles, quests, tasks, so that you can compete for prizes and prove that you are not bot, but a real live person who can think and loves to solve riddles! High $KARMA scores will earn you an increased reward multiplier!

Join the big game together with Proton Jetton!
60% of the sale price goes to airdrop prize money
20% income of the Proton Jetton ecosystem
20% for advertising and marketing
One of the features of @proconnect_robot is a WebApp page with the game mechanics of "King Mountain" in which you can exchange tokens received in airdrop for $PROTON and participate in a new round of exciting game with accumulative mechanics of the prize fund, where everyone can win!

A round is a game event that activates the game and notifies potential players of a new event. A countdown timer starts before the round starts. More detailed game mechanics will be described with the release of this product. Rounds will be customizable, and players will be able to loot NFTs and pump boosts, as well as accumulate $KARMA.

Intentionally, in this part of White Papper we do not give details, because cheaters do not sleep, and competitors do not slumber.

Nevertheless, we can share the economy.
The game pool from each round in PRO: K1NG will be distributed as follows:
67% - The winner of the last bet
7% referral reward from each bet by a level 1 referral
10% (2.5% each) - 4 more previous clickers
3% referral reward from each bet by a level 2 referral
3% - commissions and fees
10% - automatic purchase of $PROTON to our public wallet
Thus, this game mechanics perfectly complements the airdrops paid for by authors promoting their channels with the help of our unique PRO: GIVES format.

Encouraging activity and attention of the thinking audience and a variety of formats of advertising integration into the GIVES, including the opportunity to come and talk about your project on one of the two broadcasts that will be held on the channel during the week of the GIVES.

If you do not want to attend the broadcast and tell about your channel or project, you can order a review from our speakers, who will make a demonstration of the screen and read out the advertising text agreed with you in advance.
Gradually we plan to make the tsar-mountain mechanics popular for quick and interesting launches, for example, NFT sales in game mode or as a dynamic auction with a new format timer. Again the level of $KARMA will influence charges/prices/commissions and help communicate more effectively with the audience.

New advertising formats and game mechanics await you in the new versions of PRO: K1NG, adding gameplay mechanics to the marketing and sales industry.
A new generation multi-referral system and a control panel for your digital business made by professionals with all the love!

In this section of the forum you will find a complete list of our products and services that may be of interest with easy navigation and special offers.

Also here you can find guides and guides for each of the projects, and you can integrate your referral link into a multi-referral system.
Aggregator of news from all over TON from the best experts and analysts who keep their hand on the pulse and quickly publish and thoroughly analyze the incoming news from the front.

The general concept of the forum is to have content and columns for different interests so that the user ecosystem stays with us and does not leave. The news section is an opportunity to keep a hand on the pulse of the ecosystem and participate in interesting events and experience PUMP AND DUMP together.
The last but not the most important section in the list is the section that begins the introduction and interaction with the Proton Jetton ecosystem.

This anchored topic includes обзор-путеводитель, which will help you to make a quick start in the ecosystem and quickly find the section, product, goods or service you are interested in.

After viewing, get a bonus in the form of $KARMA by sending a keyword from the video you watched.
We have created a community space with a kind, welcoming atmosphere where you can always ask for help and questions. Please read the rules in the attached message and do not violate them. In chat works our security system PRO: MODERATOR which removes links, gives mutes, kicks bots and  t. d.

Due to the fact that the public guest chat is a rather crowded place, we decided to create additional private channels, where there are fewer participants and attention to the words of participants is not lost among the many messages in the chat.
Гостевой чат
There are 2 private channels you can access that are:
Chat Holders who hold on wallet from 777 777 $PROTON, which allows them to ask for an invite link in the @proconnect_robot and join this group. There also our PRO: MODERATOR periodically scans the group and the $PROTON balance on the wallet, automatically excluding those whose balance has become less than 7777 $PROTON.
A chat room for professionals in the fields of advertising, automation and user experience. This is a private forum with its own unique sections and content stored on TonTorrent, allowing you to share presets, courses, software and guides from our team with you.
One of our main goals is to create a cool user experience when interacting with our ecosystem. At this forum we will meet with experts, test lead generation mechanics and improve the essence of the advertising ecosystem by identifying the most successful interaction algorithms for attention retention.

To get to this forum can be a member who authorized in the ecosystem using TON Connect 2.0 and wallet which has a genuine NFT PRO: CLUB, we can say that the NFT in this case is a membership card which in case of what can be resold.
Special events in the life of an ecosystem
With the launch of the Trends Showcase and the multi referral program, we will gradually begin to introduce positive traditions (corporate values) into the lives of advertising agents which initially include:
Weekly day $PROTON
Quarterly PRO:MEET
Monthly race PRO:MORE
Annual update PRO:PATCH
Dominion Day ($PROTON)
This is a voluntary promo action with a call to buy $PROTON of others, and also a good reason to buy PROTON’s and on your wallet. As a rule, at the end of the week we open the collection of your stories related to the PROTON Jetton and the positive transformation of your life.

Our goal -positive shilling and development of the project through knowledgeable messaging to others
Monthly race PRO:MORE
To increase sales and motivate our in-house advertising agents, we organize a monthly race to identify the best of the best and reward them with special, valuable, commemorative prizes fromProton Jetton

In this way we engage a sense of healthy competition with the goal of getting the most effective advertising, where we pay a premium/surcharge on the actual revenue generated from the volume sold during the race.
The quarterly big live PRO:MEET (multistream) on which viewers can expect:
Big fall update PRO: PATCH + big video presentation in which tells about new modules, functions and interconnections inside our unique web3 architecture created on the basis of Telegram and TON.

Fall is the optimal time for big launches and new products that will support cross-monetization and increased traffic and conscious users who choose Proton Jetton for its simplicity, functionality, reliability and comfort.
Progress report for the quarter
Nice bonuses and season updates
Promotions and special offers
Limited NFT
Cool creative contests
Generous sponsorship giveaways
Olds and camrades of PRO:FORUM and PRO:CHAT
Celebrity guests and collaborations
Media Challenges
It is time to say goodbye, to summarize and reflect on the results of what we have read in this document. It is hard to stop telling about my child because I want to do so much, to create and show for the good of the world. For me, everyone who has read up to these words is a real hero! I am sincerely glad to meet you and I hope you will find everything you are looking for inProton Jetton.

In the 4 months since we started the team, we have gone through several crises and clear and meaningful successes, forming an indestructible core of 3 founders and PRO: CORE volunteers where all the work of building our ecosystem takes place. We always strive to give you the best product so that you receive a powerful solution out of the box without dancing with bubbled and reading and repeating endless instructions.

Having launched my first start-up in 2017, I’ve come a long way and officially became a Product-Manager in 2022. At that time the project was called F1RMA and slightly different from the current version of the ecosystem, but most of the ideas and functions are identical. Proton Jetton is a new brand and version of my startup F1RMA that you might want to explore.

Enjoy learning about my expertise in the product and advertising digital marketplace where web3 technologies and Proton can deliver what was impossible to achieve before through scalability, speed, and transaction costs.

It is worth noting that the integration of USDT into TRON and its record-breaking spread rate is breathtaking and reinforces our belief that big money is coming, including through partnerships with Tether and Telegram MiniApp’s

Previously, it was believed that a successful global expansion lacked a native stablecoin, which was USDT on TON, which has a good chance of overtaking TRON and becoming the dominant blockchain for USDT in the form of TON. Not so long ago, TON cut transaction fees by a factor of 2.5x! It has become very profitable and fast!

Our start-up is young, but has big plans and ambitions to take its share of the global digital crypto-advertising market by connecting advertisers and potential clients on the basis of voluntary willingness of the parties.

Our mission is to create a new breakthrough generation of advertising, which will delight you and involve you in the game process in which you will receive exclusive offers and nice bonuses depending on your $KARMA level and the amount of $PROTON on your authorization wallet.

Also some NFTs can give certain boosts and additional features, but you will learn about it from separate publications with detailed description of our new NFT collections.

At this stage of development, we are gaining new partnerships and sponsors who want to take an active role in building our ecosystem and sharing the benefits of making it a reality.

Our main task at the current stage is to create an MVP product containing monetization and utility for $PROTON, which will be the new versions of the product @proconnect_robot with game mechanics, a variety of products and a multi referral system with a constantly evolving lead generation system for our advertising agents, whose work is crucial to the prosperity of our ecosystem.

With love and attention to detail, we create digital places that we as a development team want to use every day, finding new ways to creatively and creatively advertise without boundaries.

Our team develops and enjoys creating cool and demanding products. I guess you could say about us that we are fans of our business and developing truly cool ones is our credo!

We offer our experience, ready-made solutions and knowledge to you too, which can shorten your path and investment to success (but this is not exact!). Acceleration and quick introduction into the ecosystem with the help of our content marketing shop and many different sections where integrations are possible is one of the optimal scenarios in TON with fair prices and fair metrics.

The main message of this voluminous paper -we have arrived. We have come in earnest and for a long time to take our market share and build our own crypto-hypermarket with gaming and airdrops.

We try to stay in close communication with our community and take into account sensible criticism to improve the user experience in new patches. We do not offer you fabulous non-existent percentages, we are not speculators, pyramid-builders, Internet super-sources who came one-time to make money on the delusion and go into the sunset. Our approach and   upcoming monthly breakdowns call us to the path where our goal is one and   it is very clear  - it is to raise the rate!
Whatever the course! Our course is forward!
Love to your development team and to the community we are lucky enough to be a part of - Proton Jetton! As long as we are united we are invincible!

*This document does not constitute financial advice, it is the evaluated subjective opinion of the CEO of Proton Jetton.
May the + be with us.
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